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Cable Avoiding Tool & Genny Operation

Course Overview

The Cable Avoiding Tool (CAT) and signal generator (Genny) are commonly used to locate underground cables and pipes on site, but they are often used by untrained staff. This could result in errors being made, and the possibility of accidents occurring. This course will enable candidates to understand fully the correct operation and functions of this equipment.

Course Duration: 1/2 Day

What the Course Covers

• Theory of cable location
• Controls and display indicators
• Calibrating and pre-set tests
• Operation of power and radio modes
• Compatibility between CAT and Genny
• Operation techniques and use of accessories supplied
• Use with Sonde (mouse)
• Use with Fexi-trace
• Accuracy of results

What the Course Covers

By the end of the Course

Delegates will take a short written test and receive a course handout summarising the topics covered. The delegate will have sound knowledge of the safe use of cable avoiding tool and genny operation.

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