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Rooftop Safety

Course Overview

To equip trainees with increased knowledge and best practice requirements when working on flat and pitched roofs. Delegates to be trained on specific rooftop safety products (practical).

Course Duration: 1 Day

What the Course Covers

• General roof height safety considerations
• Working at height suitability – fall arrest / work positioning / restraint on roofs
• Basic elements of safe working procedures / equipment principles / operator
• Considerations when working on roofs including:
– Harnesses
– Lanyards
– Inertia reels
– Restraint systems
– Connectors
– Fall arrest systems
– Fixed and temporary systems

• Equipment requirements and limitations for roof work: specific requirements / suitability
• Anchorage – propriety devices in consideration with access and applications found on roofs
• Rescue considerations specific to scope of work on roofs

What the Course Covers

By the end of the Course

Delegates will be able to work safely at height, have a sound theory of the dangers and risks of working on a roof at height and have the practical skills in using the appropriate height safety equipment correctly and safely.

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