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Case Studies

Nifty HR28 at a Waste Recycling Factory

Mainline Hire

A waste factory recently discovered that, over a period of time, a leak had appeared in the roof of their waste recycling factory in Leicester.  The concern was that the leak would spread over the conveyor belt system that takes up the majority of the floor space.  The factory also houses a huge industrial crusher and the gap between crusher and roof is extremely minimal.  A full inspection was needed as a matter of urgency with restricted access being the biggest problem to overcome.

After consultation with Mainline Account Manager, Steve Matthews, the NiftyLift HR28 boom was identified as the best means of access to carry out the inspection.  This agile machine has a rotating platform just narrow enough to fit into the tight space and a suitable extent to reach the end of the crusher where the leak was located.

The articulated boom has the ability to operate on battery alone so no fumes were released into the confined working environment and the inspection was carried out with minimal noise disruption.

The team at the waste factory were delighted with the machine and the advice provided by Mainline.  They were able to carry out the inspection quickly and assess the situation with the leak before it became a more serious and expensive problem.