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Case Studies

Two Week Maintenance Shut Down

The Project:

Our undertaking was to provide a range of plant and access equipment in support of our client’s two-week maintenance shutdown, during which all of their machinery was serviced and maintained.

Our Client:

A key player in the construction supplies industry, our client is a reputable manufacturer of bricks, pre-cast concrete, chimneys and other building supplies.

The Challenge:

Our role as the exclusive supplier of all necessary plant and access equipment was to meet our client’s equipment and tool requirements while adhering closely to their schedule, due to the time-critical nature of this project. We aimed to work alongside our client’s maintenance team to respond quickly to their needs, helping to maximise the team’s efficacy whilst minimising factory downtime.

Our Approach:

After studying the exact nature of the facility and the customer’s precise requirements, we were able to provide:

● A 3 t Linde Electric Forklift: The ideal machine for working inside a factory with low pipework, a conveyor belt and other structural challenges. The Linde Electric Forklift has a closed height of 2.22m allowing it to operate under tight and low height areas, while maintaining a mast reach height of 3.84m.
● A 14m Telehandler: Perfect for lifting materials into high work zones. This machine was utilised to elevate parts and assist in the repair of a roller shutter door.
● Cable Drum Jacks: An essential piece of equipment used to smoothly feed cable from a cable drum. This item highlights the variety of specialised equipment in our catalogue.
● A NiftyLift HR21 Hybrid: This articulated boom was used inside the factory to replace the lighting. Ideal for working indoors and outdoors due to its rough terrain yet non-marking tyres, this boom boasts 13m reach allowing it to easily circumnavigate the various conveyor systems.
● A 1.5t Digger: This machine proved perfect for clearing thick brick dust and muddy areas. The grading bucket was used to scrape and clean walkways and the machine proved indispensable for tidying areas where compacted building materials had gathered.

Our Summary:

The experience and management skills demonstrated by our team were pivotal in the coordination of this project. Their ability to interpret the specific requirements of the facility and select the perfect tools and machines for each job from our vast and varied fleet was crucial for meeting the client’s deadline.

Our reactive assistance service was also on hand: In the advent of any problem, a CAP trained engineer was always ready to be on site within the hour to resolve any issues or rapidly replace equipment.

Our CAP trained engineering team is also dedicated to the maintenance of our equipment, ensuring that every unit is in optimal working order before it reaches our clients.

Customer Feedback:

The customer was impressed with our swift turnaround times and reliable equipment, as well as the depth of knowledge demonstrated by our personnel and our varied fleet. They expressed their upmost satisfaction with the outcome of the project.


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