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Case Studies

Urgent machine delivery puts project back on schedule

The Project:

We were contacted to carry out a rapid response to a time critical project. Our assistance was needed in providing machinery for an internal racking installation in a large scale international consumer goods warehouse. This was a matter of extreme urgency, as the original supplier for the job had suffered delays of almost a week in providing the agreed machinery.

Our Client:

The client who contacted us is one of Mainline’s regular customers, an industrial installations firm working on large scale national projects.

The Challenge:

Our client contacted us as a matter of extreme urgency attempting to source two highly utilised 12 m reach trucks. The supplier originally contracted for the task had experienced almost a week’s delay in delivering the trucks and the racking project was in danger of coming to a standstill, with all the financial repercussions such a delay can cause.

Our Approach:

One of our project managers took immediate charge of the situation, speaking to the client to assess the exact machinery requirements. After a detailed conversation the delivery of two 11.5 m electric reach trucks was programmed for the following day, less than 24 hours after the original call.

Machines delivered:

X2 NR25NHS 11.5 m Electric Reach Trucks

Our Summary:

We were able to respond rapidly to fulfil our client’s urgent request and work was able to proceed on schedule.

Mainline is proud to be an independent company with an already extensive and rapidly growing fleet. Thanks to these factors we are able to offer the quality of service of an independent company whilst having the fleet and infrastructure of a national provider.

Our ability to respond to urgent requests rapidly strengthens the bonds with existing customers whilst earning us the trust of new clients.

Customer Feedback:

Our client expressed their gratitude for our timely response and our commitment to quality of service. Our ongoing working relationship is proof of the trust our client places in Mainline’s services.

Mainline provides a wide range of powered access, tool and plant hire solutions. Our extensive fleet allows us to respond to urgent requests and our CAP trained engineers are on hand to provide any necessary support. If you are interested in hiring powered access equipment and would like to discuss your project with an expert, get in touch with a member of our team today.