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How to reduce downtime on-site!

Posted January 8, 2021

Construction downtime is every project managers worst nightmare. Not only can this downtime cause delays in project completions, but it can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the project too, leading to additional expenses, loss of staff or equipment and minimising profits.

To help keep your projects moving, there are some common mistakes to avoid. One of the key things to consider is ensuring that you have the right equipment for the job, which won’t let you down.

In many cases, project managers will need to hire equipment from a reputable company to ensure they have everything they need. It is rare to own all of the necessary tools, particularly when it comes to heavier equipment which requires costly storage and upkeep. Simply hiring them when you need them is the most sensible solution.

It’s important to ensure you’re making the right choices when hiring your equipment. We have outlined some key suggestions below:

1) Use a hire company who actually owns their kit

Some companies may hire equipment from others, therefore there’s a chance that there may be delays outside of their control, while they may not be completely familiar with the equipment they’re hiring out. Choosing to use a company who have their own fleet can offer you peace of mind. You’ll have the knowledge that they have invested time and money into keeping their fleet up to date and well maintained.

2) Use a hire company with a track record

It’s important to choose a plant hire company who has an excellent track record. Make sure to shop around and look for reviews to ensure you’re hiring your equipment from a company that you can really trust.

Mainline Hire
Mainline Hire

3) Use a hire company with standards which are accredited annually

Accreditations are an excellent way of determining how trustworthy a company are. This proves they have been audited and have met a certain standard of work, offering you the reassurance you need that you’re in safe, reliable hands.

4) Use a hire company which runs its own transport

Transporting equipment to and from the site is a big task. To avoid any unnecessary delays, hire from a company with their own transport rather than those subcontracting. They will be taking full responsibility for transporting your equipment to and from the site, saving you the hassle of organising this yourself.

Mainline Hire
Mainline Hire

5) Use a hire company which has time served engineers

Hiring from a company with fully accredited, trained and highly experienced engineers will offer you the peace of mind that every piece of equipment will be provided in fully working condition. This also means that on the rare occurrence something should something go wrong they’ll be able to rectify the issue for you.

6) Use a hire company which is independent and can make decisions promptly

Prompt decisions are vital to help you to avoid unforeseen delays and get things done in time to meet projects deadlines. Therefore, working with an independent company able to make these quick decisions can ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Mainline Hire
Mainline Hire

7) Use a hire company who cares and has a team in charge of their reputation

 The most important thing to look for is a company who cares. They should be committed to providing an excellent service for each of their customers.

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