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New Machine Alert! Dingli 22m

Posted September 15, 2020

Introducing The Latest Addition to Mainline’s Fleet: The Dingli JCPT2223RTB Diesel Scissor Lift

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our equipment and machine fleet here at Mainline: the JCPT2223RTB scissor lift. With a working height of 22m, a maximum platform height of 20m and a 100L diesel engine, this machine is perfect for a wide range of projects.

As well as being able to drive at full height, the JCPT2223RTB stows away with its rails down at a manageable and compact height of just 3m, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. However the ‘wow’ feature of this machine is its crab steering, which allows multiple steering modes in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions making it the most efficient piece of equipment for any job or project.

Mainline Hire
Mainline Hire

Keeping innovation and continual development in mind, the JCPT2223RTB also features a European stage 5 engine which complies with the EU stage V emissions standard expected from 2019. This engine contains a honeycombed particulate filter and a heat management system which controls the regeneration cycle, allowing the heat level to increase safely enough to ensure efficient and proper cleaning of the diesel particulate filter. Without this engine type and its capabilities, external particulate units would be required which would incur additional costs for the project in-hand.

Other features of the JCPT2223RTB include an alarm tilt sensor, a self locking on-platform gate, flashing emergency stop beacon, an onboard diagnostics system and more.

Mainline Hire

If you’d like to hire the JCPT2223RTB or would simply like some more information on this machine or any of the others in our fleet, give us a call on 01283 222044.